Aerial view of the property at SafiraBlu Luxury Resort & Villas

Unveil Your Exclusive Ocean Retreat in Every Shade of Blue!

Our name, SafiraBlu, celebrates the sapphire waters of the Indian Ocean, where one shade of blue blends seamlessly into countless others. It is this connectedness we want to share with you: the connection between soul and sea, of one to many, and of self to nature.

Secluded Canopy's pool at SafiraBlu Luxury Resort & Villas
Hanged Maasai jewelry near SafiraBlu Luxury Resort & Villas


Our commitment to celebrating local traditions is embodied by the Maasai, traditional tribesmen of Tanzania, who serve as our distinguished security personnel. Adorned in their cultural attire, these guardians not only ensure safety but also contribute to the authentic atmosphere of our resort. We believe in creating an immersive journey where every encounter reflects the rich heritage of Zanzibar.


Adorning our property, you'll discover captivating wall murals that breathe life into every corner, crafted by our talented local artisans. These murals, an homage to the vibrant culture of Zanzibar. As you retreat to your villa, be enveloped in a private gallery of paintings and art pieces, each one thoughtfully curated to enhance your stay.

Boy painting art on wall at SafiraBlu Luxury Resort & Villas
Close-up of Hibiscus rosa-sinensis at SafiraBlu Luxury Resort


SafiraBlu is more than a resort; it's a harmonious ecosystem integrated with Zanzibar's natural beauty. We coexist with wildlife, fostering a deep connection between land, sea, and self. Encouraging guests to appreciate the local flora and fauna, we are dedicated to preserving the environment. At SafiraBlu, the luxurious experience goes hand in hand with a commitment to sustainable practices, ensuring every stay leaves a positive impact on the natural world we cherish

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