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Farm and Ocean to Table

SafiraBlu is not just a resort. We are our own ecosystem, as much part of the land as the wildlife we share it with.

Property Green Features

SafiraBlu is not just a resort. We are our own ecosystem, as much part of the land as the wildlife we share it with. To keep it pristine, our property has many green features including:

  • Low flow faucets and shower-heads to save water

  • Solar panel water heaters

  • Food waste composting system on our local farm grounds

  • Farm animal nitrogen and phosphorous cycles to assist fertilizing the gardens

  • Minimized usage of paper and plastic products

  • Permeable paver systems used to help filter storm water prior to reaching the ocean

  • Gravel filler allows for reptile friendly landscaping

  • A conscious effort to incorporate a diverse range of plants, flowers and trees to foster biodiversity

  • Natural cotton and linen fabrics used in all bedding, restaurant linen and staff uniforms

  • Electric golf carts used around the property for transportation

  • Natural low lying areas in the landscape have been kept to provide water for local wildlife and maintain the slope of the property


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"Chako started in a small workplace in a boutiqe hotel, where local woman created products from recycled waste. As it grew, the need arose for a bigger place to accommodate more products, giving birth to CHAKO!


Our mission is to increase economic opportunity in the island Zanzibar by enabling artisan craft producers in Zanzibar to expand their product ranges, establish networks and connect with broader markets.

We initial worked according the “Tourist2Tourist” concept, meaning we make souvenirs for tourists from the waste that tourists directly produce. This offers tourists a way to reduce their negative impact on the island with a positive approach; by buying original, innovative souvenirs for friends and family.

Nowadays, our products do not only reach tourists, but also other people around the globe.


CHAKO focuses on making gender inequality less significant, by giving women the chance to develop their selves and to become more aware of their strengths and power.

By creating employment, educating, training, empowering and exposing the women, they become more self-aware and independent. We are encouraging women on Zanzibar to be creative, show their power and learn them to work in a professional environment.

By employing the women they receive a reliable monthly income which creates a more stable situation for their families and themselves."

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"Kazi Yetu, which means "our work" in Swahili, sets out to transform the way products are exported from East Africa to the world. We increase jobs, traceability, and impact by promoting local value addition for creative products. We connect consumers to producers and strengthen product traceability.

Tanzanian Tea Collection offers a range of single origin organic teas from the rolling foothills of Mt. Kilimanjaro, blended with exotic spices and herbs sourced from smallholder farmers across mainland Tanzania and Zanzibar, and packaged by young women in Dar Es Salaam."


Our guest amenities are from Inaya Zanzibar. 


"We are sincerely respectful of our environment.  Our products are eco-friendly and biodegradable. Our packaging is recyclable and we actively work to make our production as efficient as possible to minimize waste. As a sign of our conviction, all our products are manufactured within the framework of an ethical and ecological approach, via fair trade partnerships and our relentless pursuit of environmentally friendly solutions in ways of packaging and processes.

We care and strive to minimize our environmental impact. 

We are proud to have an all-women production team, giving them advancement opportunities and an inspiring work environment. Attention to detail is at the heart of our work. We pay careful consideration not only to our products, but also in the ways we interact with others. We want to raise the quality of life for everyone involved with us.

For us, every little thing matters. And we are cruelty free (no animal testings)."

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