Aerial view of beach and poolside at SafiraBlu Luxury Resort

Every dream begins with a place to lay your head

We offer  10 One- Bedroom Villas &  2 Two-Bedroom Villas.

Enjoy S P A C E with unobstructed views & modern amenities overlooking the ocean.

Fisherman´s Cove

With a privacy rating of 5/5, this villa “also known as the presidential villa” accommodates up to 3 people. Fisherman's Cove, a tribute to Zanzibari fishermen who anchor traditional fishing boats near our coast. admire local fishing boats from your expansive patio, gently rocked by the surf and wind of the indian ocean.

The Dhow

Experience the timeless charm of our villa, where the terrace design mirrors the iconic shape of a dhow—the traditional Zanzibari boats that have graced these waters for centuries.


Immerse yourself in a kaleidoscope of colors at our exclusive villa, where the grounds burst into bloom with vibrant bougainvillea flowers, a true reflection of the abundant flora of East Africa.

Blue Lagoon

Nestled within the resort, our exclusive villa boasts a stunning natural depression in its grounds, serving as the focal point for a captivating lagoon-like water feature that seamlessly preserves the unique landscape.

The Boardwalk

Indulge in your exclusive oceanside retreat at our villa featuring a private boardwalk, outdoor bar, and a relaxing pier to spend leisurely days. for even more seclusion, follow the path to your very own private beach.


Lovers' bae, a distinctive escape, offers a private cove and exclusive private beach, creating an ideal setting for intimate retreats.

Land´s End

Lands end showcases a spacious deck suspended over the indian ocean, providing distinctive panoramic views.


Welcome to breakwater, where nature takes center stage! As the name suggests, this villa offers a front row seat to admire the captivating rhythm of the tides rising against the majestic rocky shoreline.

Endless Horizon

Perched elevated above others, Endless Horizon villa commands uninterrupted views from its strategically set-back position.

Tropical Nest balcony with sea view at SafiraBlu Luxury Resort

Tropical Nest

Welcome to tropical nest, where seclusion meets elevated views of the indian ocean. perched among the treetops, this villa offers uninterrupted vistas.

Aerial view of The Verandah at SafiraBlu Luxury Resort & Villas

The Verandah

Experience maximum privacy with our villa designed for group travel. this 2-bedroom haven allows guests to retreat to individual private spaces or gather on the expansive verandah, shaded for all-day outdoor enjoyment.

Secluded Canopy

Welcome to secluded canopy, a two-bedroom villa offering expansive entertainment spaces nestled amid lush greenery and the turquoise waters of the Indian ocean.